The mobile enterprise poses significant new challenges in terms of standards, methodologies, skills, competencies, tools, IT processes, and more. 

This Kickstart assesses your mobile readiness and maturity and provides a Mobile Roadmap to ensure your IT team has what it takes to build and support a thriving mobile strategy.

When the Business says they want
to go mobile NOW, w
ill you be ready?

Take the steps necessary to prepare IT for the mobile enterprise arena.

Benchmark your Mobile Maturity against your competitors.

Establish your IT Strategy foundation with a Phased Plan, a Mobile Roadmap, and a Use Case & Risk Matrix. 


IT Strategy

for Mobile

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Not one size fits all !

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises.
We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate
each specific engagement.

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"The Propelics team created 100% consensus by imparting a clear understanding of the core value of mobile and how it could deliver the most business value to the company. So selecting which activities would take priority was always a unanimous, cross-divisional decision.”

— Sharon MoseleyCIO, Kinecta Federal Credit Union


Our Approach

The IT Strategy Kickstart follows three key steps:

1. Direction Setting

First, we develop an understanding of your organization’s mobile goals and review all mobile-related initiatives. We document mobile use cases from key stakeholders, then analyze the relevant actors, requirements, functionality, and security standards.


2. Assessment, Risk Analysis, and Standards

This step assesses your current IT readiness and maturity and identifies those areas needing improvement. We conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of all proposed mobile use cases and review existing policies and procedures in support of the mobile infrastructure.


3. Roadmap and Next Steps

We conclude with the generation of actionable steps presented in an IT Strategy Roadmap. This Roadmap ranks tactics by weighing business value against readiness and cost and outlines phases in which the Mobile Roadmap should unfold.